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About TTS

TTS is a holistic and rigorous science course that includes lessons, activities, assessments, and independent research extensions which allow plenty of opportunity for creativity and interest-led projects. Thinking Through Science is non-religious. It also teaches evolution and how life evoloved.

TTS can be used for many learning goals:

  • enrichment, special topic, or homeschool science course

  • modifiable for all grade levels 

  • teacher-led or independent study

  • gifted and talented challenge

  • review

Thinking Through Science: A Comprehensive Prehuman History was created by a veteran educator, Bridgette Wallis, who understands that students learn best when they are taught both the big, connecting picture, along with the essential foundational facts and details. Bridgette is an experienced public and homeschool educator with a B.A. in psychology and an M.S. in educational psychology.
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TTS also works best with both reference books below. They are two visually spectacular books that will be used time and again, even after TTS is completed. Neither book is essential. However, non-internet based reference materials are important to incorporate in any course. In the end, personal preference wins. Both books are also available in other locations. TTS is not with any Amazon affiliate programs. 

If you are working through a charter, please contact us at and we'll look into how to become a vendor with your charter. 

About TTS: Product
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